Mobile Fitness Service


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How do we get started? 

We offer mobile fitness services to non-profits, organizations, property management groups, and more!

Contact us to schedule a consultation for the event date! 

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> Phone: (904) 441-6001

What's included?

We focus on lead generation! We'll offer expert marketing and advertising strategies to best promote the event in-house (residents/staff) and locally (off-property). This sets your property and business apart from your competitors in the market.

Thus, increasing your brand awareness by generating leads while offering a unique experience to your community.  

What type of classes do you offer?

Bootcamps are the general term we use for the classes we offer. However, every event has a different theme:

For example, one event could be a body-weight circuit and the next a team-building workout.

We like to keep our events fresh! Therefore, we’ll provide a chosen “Field Day.” Where the residents/staff may choose the fitness layout based on general consensus. This will keep the expectations high for the participants! 

Further Inquiries?

You can email or call to schedule a consultation and event date!

> Email:

> Phone: (904) 441-6001