Personalized Group Training (PGT)


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Personalized Group Training

PGT is a 12 - week program focusing on functional movements and exercises that all fitness levels can benefit from. We provide modifications for each exercise to best accommodate everyone’s fitness level and background.



There are 3 assessments throughout the program (initial, midway, and final) to track each client’s progress. Each assessment involves four prime categories:

1) Weigh-ins

2) Body Measurements

3) Progress Photos

4) Nutrition Consultations 



Clients can expect to see an improvement in body composition (fat mass vs non-fat mass), weight, strength, and cardiorespiratory levels.

**Please contact us prior to purchasing, no refunds are available. The program consists of three payments throughout the 3-month period. Charges occur monthly. There are no further charges after the third month’s payment.